Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Half the North Island Down

Well we had a couple of nice rest days in Auckland with Al,s parents. On the 18th we meet with Project K in Albany We got to meet all the staff there. Everyone was so nice, and they treated us to lunch. The next day we headed South into the Hunuas. We stopped and took some pictures of the Hunua Falls. Then started off on a muddy track for the rest of the day. We crossed a foot suspension bridge at about 7 pm and decided to camp there for the night. We left the bridge early the next morning and were stopped in our tracks, or lack there of a path. After getting turned in the right direction we were off again. Late in the day the wind picked up and it started to rain. We walked on, head down, trying to find a place to camp. By chance we came across a little out building that looked mighty tempting. After further inspection we decided to call it home for the night. Glad we did because the wind blew and blew, and the rain continued.
We left our shelter in the morning just as we found it, and headed for Meremere. A river walkway was our intended path on our way to Huntly. This path was hard. It was all tracked up by cows and twisting your ankle was as common as the livestock that was around. We fought the wind all day for the second day in a row. We camped along the river embankment and settled in for the night.
Day 31 on the trail 10/22/07 we walked through Huntly and headed on a forest track. It was raining. I found it easier to hike with rain gear off, and deal with the wet. This track was really cool. It was so muddy and there was some of the gnarliest root sections yet. I think this track was a favorite among the group so far. The day ended with sun shine, and some water falls. Nice way to end the day. We found a a great little camp just before trails end and spent the night. Today we had an easy stroll into Hamilton where we are staying the night in a hostel for the evening. We will have a chance to do some laundry, get some good eats, a hot shower, and a little rest. Then its off to Te kuiti.
I hope everyone is doing well back home, and here's a shout to my favorite sisters meesa and moshell, hey.

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