Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Funny Stuff

So when your alone in the woods and you want a picture of everyone, you have to set up the camera on a timer, then run to get in the picture. Here is the first attempt on a really cool tree that I thought would be a great photo. It came out a bit dark, so on the second try, I jumped up on to the tree, but in my haste, fell over the back side. In the process, I kicked Lane in the mouth and made him fall off too, there was no third attempt....


ps - It appears I broke the progress page on our website, and being the creator and only person who knows how to fix it, I can't repair it until Auckland, probably 2-3 weeks, sorry

North Land Walks

So, We have had a change of scenery since Ninety Mile Beach and Ahipara. Back on the trail after half a day of rest we entered the Herekino forest track. It was filled with elevation changes and mud. The occasional view point was found though and was rewarding. From there we entered the Mangamuka Walk Way which was most difficult. We accomplished only 14km one day. That is a far cry from the 25km or so that we have been averaging. The last two days were spent in the rain in the Puketi Forest. Wet, but we did come across a grove of Kauri trees that were very cool. They are huge trees with very straight trunks, and most have been cut for lumber. We were saved from the rain one night when we came across a D.O.C hut. We were warm and dry. We have meet some really cool people along the way thus far. Thank you to all who have helped us along. Till the next post, we will try to keep dry and some kilometers behind us. Hiking.......Lane

Pictures - 3 of us and scenery
cow road block
cow in scenery